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  • KSwiss: High quality tennis shoes By:-Arron Stewart
    K Swiss sneakers are among the best tennis shoes on the market nowadays. This article can provide you with the information you need if you are thinking of buying a pair of high quality sneakers.
  • 2010 Fashion Trends-Whats Hot and Whats Not By:-Arron Stewart
    It is likely you find it difficult to recall exactly what people mentioned, but whoever first uttered that fashion comes full circle every 30 years or so was not too far off. This season on the runway will be reminiscent of the flowing 70s in both material along with style
  • Slip On Your Cowboy Boots and Go Dancin' By:-David T.
    What's popular and widely available in regards to the more utilitarian western styles - jeans, cowboy boots, hats, you know - the basics - is also available in fancier, more fashionable forms, such as in items with embroidery and ornate stitching, and a wide variety of fits, cuts and styles more suitable for nights spent tearing up the dance floor.
  • Cowboy Apparel Basics: Caring for Boots By:-David T.
    As with any piece of western apparel, a good pair of cowboy boots is meant to last. That being said, you'll need to take good care of your boots if they are to be with you, looking good and wearing well, for as long as they possibly can. Caring for your cowboy apparel is a simple process, yet an important one.
  • My Love Affair With Western Wear By:-David T.
    So you fancy yourself a cowgirl. Good for you! Taking on such an image means you probably want to look tough, rugged, feminine and sexy all at the same time. Rest assured, with the right look, this is entirely possible. You don't need an entire ensemble comprised of western apparel to pull off the modern cowgirl look.
  • Western Apparel, Not for the Faint of Heart By:-David T.
    Western wear, despite being spotted the world over, worn by many different types of people in many different scenarios, is a truly American creation. I'm not sure what that means to you, but to me there is just something very comforting about the images that elements of western apparel like cowboy boots conjure up.
  • Choosing a Scarf Like a Celebrity By:-Carmen Hilton
    Today there are a lot of celebrities who are interested in scarves, which is why this accessory is becoming a lot more chic and fashionable. While genetics and attitude may play a part in appearance, this isn’t all there is to it. Some people look like a star simply because of the way in which they carry themselves and the way that they look. Accessories, like scarves, can play a big part in that look.
  • Stepping Up With Comfortable Shoes By:-Carmen Hilton
    Part of the uniform for nurses and other medical personal, includes shoes, because they can’t walk into work in bare feet. When asking medical personnel what they look for in medical uniforms, you will be told that they want scrubs with deep cargo pockets, comfortable v-necks, easy care uniforms, wrinkle resistant, comfortable fit, choices in colors, fashion, and comfortable shoes. Comfort and durability is important for shoes that are worn with a medical uniform. Nurses also want shoes that don’t squeak because there is a risk of waking up patients that are sleeping or resting. Being able to walk down the hallway with quiet poise has a lot to do with how you look and feel in your scrubs and the shoes that you wear with them. This is why it is so important to make sure that you choose the right uniform shoe.
  • Not All Shoes are Walking Shoes By:-Carmen Hilton
    Just because you walk in a particular style of shoe, it doesn’t mean that it is a walking shoe. A basic shoe will get you by through your daily routine, but it probably won’t suit your needs for walking for health and fitness. A traditional walking shoe will meet your needs when walking for fitness, but it won’t maximize the effects of walking for fitness or burn calories as many calories, the way a fitness walking shoe does.
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