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  • Buying the Right Refill Cartridge for Your Printer By:-James Smith
    We often make the wrong selection of ink cartridges that ends up in lowering the performance of the printer as well as the quality of prints that we get. Therefore, it is important that you select the right refill cartridge for your printer. What are the sources where you would find a reliable deal? Read the article.
  • Data Management through Dedicated Server Hosting By:-Jessica Thomson
    IT outsourcing makes adequate usage of data centers and furnishes a very credible route to sustain the effective continuity of business. It provides a strong infrastructure that takes complete care of the operations pertaining to IT and data storage.
  • Evolis Tattoo2 Prints on Demand and on the Go By:-Jeremy Biberdorf
    The Tattoo2 is an excellent choice for entry level ID card printing. This cost effective model offers a straightforward option for users who don't require complex encoding capabilities. Instead, bar coding can be performed using monochrome ribbon at a speed of less than 10 seconds per card. This type of data management program may be simple, but it is far from outdated. A hand held or stationary reader will work with the standard bar code fonts available in most versions of ID printing software. Applications that track usage (such as membership/loyalty cards) can make use of colorful pre-printed PVC cards. The bar code can simply be printed on the reverse side along with any other identifying information.
  • Evolis Dualys3 Offers Affordability and Adaptability By:-Jeremy Biberdorf
    The Dualys3 is a full color, dual sided printer that retails for well under $3,000. Discounted specials from ID printer distributors can cut this price even more, bringing it within range for many small to midsized businesses. This makes it possible for card issuers to double the amount of information printed on each card while paying only slightly more than the cost of a single sided unit.
  • Get it Right with the Datacard SP25 Plus Printer By:-Jeremy Biberdorf
    The Datacard SP25 printer makes it easy to keep ID badge information current without the hassle of buying and issuing more cards every time you need to make a change. Instead, this model uses thermal technology to erase and reprint the same cards as many times as needed. This rewrite capability makes it possible to establish and manage a unique enrollment program. Not only can encoded data on a mag stripe be updated, but the printed image and text can also be changed at any time.
  • Versatility is Key for the Datacard SP55 Plus By:-Jeremy Biberdorf
    The Datacard SP55 is a mid-range ID printer that offers a broad array of features. It is an excellent solution for businesses that require flexibility in card creation. This full color model is available in both single and dual sided versions. Reloading the cards to print the second side isn't necessary since the equipment uses an automatic turnover station. This inline process is still quite fast (up to 155 full color cards per hour). Having the ability to print extra data on the back of each card is a plus for many enrollment programs. This additional space is often used to show signatures and a small, monochrome copy of the ID photo to enhance badge security.
  • Datacard SP35 Makes ID Card Enrollment Easy By:-Jeremy Biberdorf
    When it comes to user friendly features, the Datacard SP35 Plus has something for everyone. This single sided printer is designed to make the entire card creation process uncomplicated. One benefit of this equipment is evident before it is even removed from the packing box. Weighing in at less than 10 pounds, this compact and efficient model won't strain anyone's back during installation! The desk space required for this unit is minimal since the input and output hoppers are both accessibly located on the front of the machine.
  • Bargain Basement Prices On Datacard RP90 By:-Jeremy Biberdorf
    Datacard Group is replacing the standard RP90 ID card printer with their new Plus version. The opportunity to obtain one of the older models is hard to pass up. In some cases, the price for this printer can be as much as 60% off the original retail cost. These unique circumstances make it possible for businesses to do something really unusual - upgrade to a discontinued product. This is because the machine in question is a reverse transfer printer. Many companies settle for a simple direct-to-card device to save up front costs; but the steep discounts on this unit bring it easily within reach for even a modest budget.
  • The Advantages of the Evolis Pebble 4 By:-Jeremy Biberdorf
    If you are looking for the right equipment to start printing your own plastic cards, consider the Evolis Pebble4. This model is a single sided, full color unit that can handle bulk runs for midsized businesses while still offering a price point that is within reach for smaller operations. Customers looking for a desktop unit with some style will appreciate the custom colors available for the upper casing of this printer.
  • Evolis Introduces the Badgy ID Card Printer By:-Jeremy Biberdorf
    The name for this new ID card printer from Evolis may sound silly, but it really is simple enough for a kid to use. The Badgy is an entry-level printer designed for organizations that create fewer than 2,000 cards per year. It comes with a ribbon, software CD, and the first 100 cards included. For the design process, end users don't have to upload their own background images. There is a full online library with free templates available for download. The artwork ranges from business to sports applications and beyond. U.S. customers will be amused to see rugby images featured prominently while football pictures are nowhere to be found. They do, however, have several templates available for chess clubs and wine tasting events. Of course, you can switch out the picture on any of these templates if you would still like to use the rest of the design.
  • Meet the QuikCard ID Card Printing Package from Zebra By:-Jeremy Biberdorf
    This bundled ID card printing solution is geared toward small to mid-level companies. Organizations that need customization for employee access or personalization for customers can benefit from this type of one-stop shopping. Zebra (Eltron) announced this new packaged deal in early March 2009. The system features your choice of a P110i or P120i card printer. The combination also includes design software/templates, and a Logitech USB web cam (with a mini-tripod). A packet of 200 PVC cards and a printer ribbon round out the collection.
  • ID Printers with Lamination Features By:-Jeremy Biberdorf
    Many of today's ID printer manufacturers offer topcoat ribbons to add a varnish layer to cards. However, for maximum protection it is recommended to finish IDs with a full thickness laminate instead. Tests have shown that a simple varnish overcoat can be stripped using chemicals. This allows the data and text on the surface of the card to be manipulated. With actual lamination, any attempt to remove the top layer will destroy the surface underneath. This makes tampering immediately obvious. Thicker versions also deliver UV protection and scratch resistance. Holographic varieties are even more secure and offer an attractive, eye catching appearance.
  • DataCard ID Printer Industry Advancements By:-Jeremy Biberdorf
    DataCard Group is a leading manufacturer of ID card printers. They are headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota but serve clients across the globe in over 120 countries. Over the last several years, they have been busy acquiring additional assets and forming new partnerships. This includes the purchase of both Ga-Vehren and CPST Technologies. At the same time, the company has also faced some restructuring. The consolidation of the St. Louis branch into the main location in Minnesota is scheduled for completion in April of 2009. The majority of the corporation's 1400+ employees will now be located at this central branch.
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