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The Best Self Defense Tactics You Can Ever Know Revealed...

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Submitted 2010-04-10 00:00:00
I want to give you an opportunity to learn some self defense techniques that I know work well in real life. Over the years I've spent time struggling to keep myself alive while in prison and working as a bouncer. During that time I learned some things that any martial arts student can use along with the training they have received in more formal martial arts and street fighting experience. If you find that you are confronted by a rapist or mugger these techniques might just make the difference between life and death for you. While you can't use these techniques in fight competitions or in a martial arts dojo, they are very effective where it counts most, in real life fighting on the street.

The number one best self defense tactics - Never hesitate to bite the bad guys face or any other vulnerable areas if given the chance. If an attacker gets his fingers near you face bite them. There are many different areas on the body face and neck you can bite for serious pain. Anything from eyebrows, to ears, lips, legs, flanks, even the groin, fave or an elbow can be a biting target. When clinch fighting you are even more dangerous if you use street only moves like opportune biting. Sure it makes sense your worried about blood. If you really think about, if the guy wants to kill you, what is more important? You're better off to opt for the blood as leave the chance go by and end up dead for sure. Bites work very well, there is no denying their effectiveness.

The number two best self defense tactics - When you kick aim for kneecaps, shins or the groin. And you better know how to get up instantly if you end up on the ground because your assailant caught your side kick. Do what you can to keep you balance steady and your kicks low so that you can keep your assailant from getting nearer to you. While you're at it, if you want to kick use the dirtiest street fighting "tricks" and kicks you can think of. If you need a great sequence of self defense moves try stomping on the attacker's feet followed by kicking him in the shins as hard as you can and then punching him in the groin and you'll have a winning sequence! You have to be capable of truly ruthless violence in order to prevail in a real street fight.

The third best self defense tactic - You have to practice self-defense that will do you some good in real life situations that weren't pre-planned. You need to make your situations and the response to an attack as real as you can. Practice in a park or other available open space. Then turn it around and do your training where space is at a premium, like a small bedroom or hallway. When a fight presented itself in prison it was often in a hallway area that was only five feet wide. It's essential to learn how to fight in any sort of area with varied terrain and opponents of different sizes and with different techniques.

The fourth best self defense tactics - Being able to tear out an attackers eye ball is alot more effective then hoping your punches knock him out. If you have the chance to reach out and gouge the eyes of an assailant first, you can follow with punches. It's a lot less likely that your assailant will think he can beat you when he can't see you or what he's doing either. Really, if you can, tear his whole eye out. You might think it's too harsh, but if someone is really trying to rape or kill you anything you do to survive including any means you can use to disable or defeat your attacker is the right thing to do.
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