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Causes and Natural Remedies for Snoring Problems

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Submitted 2010-04-09 00:00:00
Snoring also has negative affects on health, which can become serious over time. While there are many snoring problems, one serious health disorder that can develop is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can cause long breathing interruptions that last more than 10 seconds, as well as heart strain, constantly waking up, light sleeping, and poor sleeping. These symptoms, in turn, may cause stress for an individual.

However, sleeping in another room does not have to be a solution to your snoring problem. Snoring, like almost everything else, can be treated. By unearthing the cause of your snoring, you can improve your overall health, your daily lifestyle, your relationships, and, of course, your sleep.

There are many causes of snoring. Snoring is usually caused when the air flow is blocked from entering through the mouth or nose. There are many reasons why the air flow might be blocked. If you have seasonal allergies or a sinus infection, the air flow might be blocked due to a stuffy nose. Drinking alcoholic drinks, taking part in deep sleep, or using sleeping pills are other reasons why you may snore. The muscles in your tongue or throat become overly relaxed when you do the above, causing the muscles to cave into the airway. As you become older, muscles get more relaxed, increasing the risks of snoring. Overweight can cause snoring, since most people who suffer with obesity have thick throat tissue. Large tonsils and adenoids can also make children snore. If the opening of your throat or nose becomes narrow because of the palate or uvula in the back of your mouth, the tissue can vibrate against each other and cause you to snore.

Snoring also has a negative affect on health, which can become very serious over time. While there are many snoring problems, one serious health disorder that can develop is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can cause long breathing interruptions that last more than 10 seconds, as well as heart strain, constantly waking up, light sleeping, and poor sleeping. These symptoms, in turn, may cause stress for an individual. There are other negative health affects from snoring as well, which are usually related to someone having difficulty breathing. Some disorders that might make an appearance are insomnia (having trouble falling asleep), hypersomnia (sleeping at inappropriate times), parasomnia (doing certain activities while sleeping, like sleepwalking) and movement disorders that are related to sleeping (like restless leg syndrome).

Sleep can not only affect your body but it can affect those around you. Because lots of couples resort to sleeping in different bedrooms if a spouse snores and disrupts sleep, intimacy and communication may be affected negatively. Since snoring is often loud, it is not uncommon for a sleep partner to wake up twenty times or more per hour. This can create stress and have a negative impact socially and physically on relationships. Because the one snoring has to sleep in another room at night, it takes away from bedtime conversation and physical intimacy, resulting in a suffering relationship. The person sent into exile becomes frustrated as well, since he/she feels as though the snoring cannot be controlled.

There are some natural supplements however, that will offer snoring relief. Because some people don't like the idea of taking prescription medication to stop snoring, natural supplements are a wonderful alternative. Since snoring supplements are natural, you do not have to worry about taking medication.

An example of a natural supplement that many people use is the spray. This spray is created with natural ingredients and is pretty easy to use, as the snorer just has to spray his/her throat every night before bed. Like a lubricant, the spray helps air flow blockages, which decreases snoring and helps couples sleep comfortably during the night. The person using the spray will also be able to breathe easier than he/she did before.

The tablet is another type of natural supplement that will silence loud snoring. The tablet is created with natural herbs and stops snoring by breaking up mucus, which usually narrows the airway, in the throat. Because mucus is reduced, snoring lessens and breathing is made easier.

There are also natural remedies for snoring that can be done on your own. However, some remedies are more time consuming than others. One such remedy is to lose weight, even if the weight loss is not much. Because obesity is one of the main reasons snoring may develop because of fatty tissue in the back of the throat, losing weight will help decrease mild to moderate snoring. Another natural remedy is to sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back sometimes increases snoring, while sleeping on your side might cure it completely. Elevate your head four inches when you sleep in order to reduce snoring, so that you can breathe easier. It is also beneficial to sleep with a specially designed pillow so that neck muscles are not too cramped. There are some foods and medications, also some drinks that should be avoided too, so that muscles are not able to relax and cause snoring. Alcohol, sleeping pills, and tranquilizers all cause muscle relaxation, while high-fat milk products and soy products cause mucus to build up. To stop snoring naturally, you should also clear nasal passages and wear nasal strips if you have a stuffy nose, since clogged nasal passages can make breathing difficult. Nasal decongestants work well also. Fun ways to lessen snoring would be to sing, since singing improves muscle control in the soft palate and throat, and start playing the didgeridoo, an instrument that will strengthen your soft palate and throat.

Among all the various natural supplements and remedies, there are also medications that can be taken to reduce snoring. Anti-snoring pills and corticosteroid sprays are used as medications. The pill, also known as BGC20-0166, combines two serotonin-modulating drugs that help cure the obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) disorder. Corticosteroid sprays are commonly used to ease nasal congestion, reducing inflammation as well to reduce snoring. There are also decongestants to stop snoring, which reduce nasal congestion and narrow blood vessels. Decongestants are often used in pill or spray form, and they last for about twelve hours.

Even though these medication methods do help to reduce snoring, they also have side effects. Corticosteroid sprays can cause dried mucus membranes, sores in the nose, nose bleeds, and perforated septum, which is the tissue that divides nostrils. Decongestants can cause hypertension, headaches, irritation, heart rate increase, sleeping difficulty, and urine difficulty in men who have large prostates. Even so, not everyone will have these side effects when taking medication.

Furthermore, there are medical cures and surgeries that can be taken to reduce snoring. However, you will need to contact a physician or an otolaryngologist (a nose, ear, and throat doctor) about possible medications that can be taken. You may also opt to give dental appliances a try if you consult a dentist who specializes in dental appliances.

The surgeries that are usually taken to stop snoring will increase your airway size by removing tissues at the back of the throat or inside the nose so that air flows more easily through your throat. Surgery can also be taken to reconstruct your jaw to prevent snoring. Some common surgeries are Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, Thermal Ablation Palatoplasty, tonsillectomy, and adenoidectomy.

The Pillar procedure, also known as palatal implantation, is a pretty new surgery performed in a doctor's office that requires inserting plastic implants that are less than an inch long into your palate. Although this procedure can be a little painful and can have mild side effects. The surgery is also pretty expensive and many insurance plans will not cover it. However, your scar tissue will strengthen so that vibrations in the throat decrease and lessen snoring.

Overall, it is important that you get help immediately if you find yourself snoring. Snoring can take a tremendous toll over your life in a way that your whole lifestyle is affected. Relationships can also suffer as a result of snoring, and you are also at risk of numerous negative health affects. While you can stop snoring naturally and you can take medication, see your doctor if natural methods do not work in order to find out if you need to take surgery. Your doctor will give you the best advice in terms of what to do in order to reduce snoring. Pretty soon you will be on your road to a happy, comfortable sleep with a thriving relationship!
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